Brussels Airlines’ arguments to justify its rescue

Brussels Airlines' arguments to justify its rescue

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In a document sent to the Belgian authorities, Brussels Airlines tries to demonstrate that, although in the hands of the German Lufthansa, it remains an essential engine of the Belgian economy, reports L’Echo on Wednesday.

“It is estimated that 50% of long-haul capacity at Brussels airport would disappear if Brussels Airlines were not present,” said the note.

The airline has sent a summary of its activity to the authorities, including the Federal Investment and Investment Company, in order to obtain its rescue, while its future will be discussed this week, at 16 rue de la Loi and that the CEO from Lufthansa, Carsten Spohr, to meet with the Prime Minister.

  • “We firmly believe that the continuity of the activities of Brussels Airlines is a matter of national interest given the central role in the Belgian economy and society,” notes the document, which recalls that several European countries have massively helped their airlines.
  • With 40% of traffic at Brussels Airport, the airline not only represents a contribution in passengers and for the employment of subcontractors, but, moreover, because member of Star Alliance, it has drained in Brussels a whole series of companies airlines (United, All Nippon, Air Canada) wanting to have an ideal connection to major African destinations.
  • It recalls its direct contribution, that of its direct and indirect suppliers, but also its influence with the airport and the companies which serve it.
  • Beyond economic issues, those relating to passengers remain important: the high frequencies on European and international destinations – without endless stops – remain an asset.
  • Few passengers would agree to continue a long-haul business flight in a low cost company to reach their destination.

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