Caprabo activates the fresh platform for its 300 supermarkets

Caprabo activates the fresh platform for its 300 supermarkets

Photo: Caprabo.

Caprabo In June, it will inaugurate the new fresh distribution platform to supply its 300 supermarkets and qualitatively improve the Capraboacasa service thanks to the most modern technology for the cold management logistics activity. The new distribution center, located in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona), rearranges the logistics structure of Caprabo and involves the transfer of all the fresh produce that is distributed between the platforms that the brand has in Abrera and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona). Starting in July, Abrera will concentrate the distribution of the non-fresh product.

With this project, Caprabo advances its comprehensive plan to improve service to new generation stores and efficiency in operations, improve cost efficiency and provide better service to stores.

The distribution center, which has involved CILSA-ZAL Port an investment of around 20 million euros, has an area of ​​24,600 square meters, and will house, in addition to the fresco platform (17,200m2), the new online platform at Capraboacasa ( 3,400m2) and the company’s new headquarters (4,000m2). The company has explained in a statement that the centralization of the fresco on a single platform allows the product to be treated in a personalized way, the elimination of the stock of the super fresh product, improving the freshness and shelf life of the product, in addition to ordering deliveries based on The distribution of the store, so that efficiency at the point of sale prevails, improves replenishment and is more effective.

Regarding the Capraboacasa platform, the new facilities make it possible to guarantee processes and optimize costs and guarantee the management of express deliveries in the Barcelona metropolitan area, where the brand concentrates the largest volume of online business.

As a whole, Caprabo manages some 12,000 references and the company’s new logistics structure, with more than 50,000m2, will allow it to progressively expand the number of products that are sent to Caprabo stores. In this way, the variety of assortment contemplated in the development and growth plan of the new generation stores is responded to.


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