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The outgoing mayors welcomed the holding of the second round in June, but some parties are concerned about the conditions of the campaign.

Caution is the mother of safety. The oppositions reacted without counting to the announcement of Edouard Philippe, Friday, May 22, on the organization of the second round of municipal elections on June 28 in 4,922 municipalities where the first round was not conclusive. The executive’s decision was rather well received by politicians. But all of them preferred immediately to underline how much it should be possible to take into account the health status of the country and to plan all the necessary security measures.

The parties had left the mayors as well as the associations of elected officials to step up in recent days to demand the holding of an election before the summer in order to complete an electoral process interrupted by confinement: it was urgent, claimed- they, “deconfining democracy” by ensuring that all mayors are elected. The relief is obvious but is expressed mezza voce. “The decision to fix the second round of municipal elections on June 28 allows the electoral cycle to be completed,” said the Association of Mayors of France (AMF).

Municipal on June 28, senatorial in a year? Questions raised by government projects Satisfaction is most visible on the right. In recent days, the leaders of the party The Republicans have been openly worried about seeing local authorities stopped when their investment choices were necessary for economic recovery. “This decision by Edouard Philippe is reasonable in order to succeed in the democratic meeting of the municipal authorities in the best health conditions: it is in the general interest,” rejoiced Guillaume Larrivé, deputy for Yonne. Christian Estrosi, LR mayor of Nice, was even more enthusiastic: “Thank you to the president and to the government for listening to the mayors of France,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Guarantees” claimed

On the side of the Socialist Party, we also seem reassured. “We want democracy to regain its rights in sanitary conditions that allow it,” said Pierre Jouvet, national secretary of the PS. The socialist leadership, however, calls for “guarantees” so that candidates can address their constituents when rallies are impossible and to facilitate fair treatment in the regional press. Julien Bayou, national secretary of Europe Ecologie-Les Verts, was more cautious in insisting on the need to distribute masks to voters: “It is a question of guaranteeing the serenity of the ballot,” he said. As for the PCF, its national secretary, Fabien Roussel, warned: “It would not be understandable if they were held (…) if there are still green and red departments. ”

Coronavirus in France: 30,000 municipal councils take office on Saturday

Insubordinate France (LFI) and the National Rally (RN) seemed much more reluctant. “The executive takes the risk of repeating the fault of the first round,” reacted on Twitter Eric Coquerel, deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis. LFI immediately issued a press release explaining that maintaining a second round on June 28 was equivalent to “holding an election without allowing the candidates to run a real campaign”. The RN was also creaky, especially Philippe Olivier, MEP, who denounced “an election for nothing” with an abstention rate which is likely to skyrocket. Result, according to him: “This will give a totally illegitimate municipal election, in the first as in the second round, with a bonus for customers. ”


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