Claude evokes for the first time the death of his mother

Claude evokes for the first time the death of his mother

On February 21, TF1 kicked off the new season of “Koh-Lanta”. The opportunity for viewers to find five former candidates emblematic of the show, including Claude. On May 18, the adventurer participated in a podcast hosted by the creators of “Oufff”, Fred and Maud. An exchange during which he confided intimately, in particular on the disappearance of his mother.

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Koh-Lanta 2020: Claude evokes for the first time the death of his mother

The 2020 edition of “Koh-Lanta” was an opportunity for fans of the program to find five emblematic former candidates, namely Teheiura, Sara, Jessica, Moussa and Claude. At this stage of the adventure, only Moussa and Claude are still in competition, approaching the grand finale which will take place in two stages : on May 29, TF1 will broadcast the first part with the formidable orienteering race. Viewers then meet on June 5 with the legendary pole test, then the live broadcast by Denis Brogniart. No public for this final, only the candidates of the season will be present.

On May 18, Claude participated in a podcast hosted by Fred and Maud, the creators of “Oufff”. An interview that allowed the adventurer to confide in his adventure, but not only. In addition to having mentioned this passion he shares with his five year old son, the hero gave himself up to his childhood. “I grew up with my sister. My father worked in the butcher shop, my mother never worked. We went on vacation (…) It was a really good life,” he said.

A remarkable “1st experience”

Claude then went through a painful family ordeal. “My mother had cancer, she died very young. I was 9 years old, she was 33. From then on, our life changed a little,” he continued. He took advantage of this interview to come back to his first participation in “Koh-Lanta” in 2010. An experience that proved difficult for him, especially with regard to food. One aspect of the adventure that brought him back to the memories of his sick mom.

“40 days in Vietnam, no coconut. There was nothing. Hunger, I really suffered from it, it was really complicated (…) My mother weighed 38 kilos when she died, I had this relation to food which was a bit peculiar (…) The more the days went on, the more I lost my weight, and I said to myself towards the end: ‘But what am I doing there?’ I saw my mother through my legs. This first experience really marked me. The following ones, I experienced them much more easily because the psychological impact, I had already passed it, “he said.