Completely changed! Duchess Kate’s brother James Middleton shaves a full beard

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The full beard was his trademark for seven years, now James Middleton, Duchess Kate’s younger brother, has reached for the razor. What is behind the type change and what the nature boy now looks like.

“It’s been seven years since I shaved for the last time. So I decided to surprise Alizee, ”James Middleton wrote under a video on his Instagram account documenting his change in type. In the back of his car with his four dogs in the background, the entrepreneur reaches for the long-hair trimmer with his bare torso, followed by wet shaving. Alizee Thevenet, James’ fiancee, waits impatiently for her husband in Spe and is ultimately overwhelmed by the change – in fact, the new look makes nature boy James a completely different type, making him look more serious and at the same time more mature.

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“James is an extremely charming guy”

According to the Daily Mail, James and Alizee are said to have been a couple since summer 2018 and are getting married in May this year. Thevenet holds a Masters in Finance and Investment in the British capital and has worked in London for six years. “James is an extremely charming guy. I am very happy that Alizee is with him. I know she is very happy, ”enthused Jean-Gabriel Thevenet, father of the bride, about his son-in-law in Spe.

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In January 2019, James Middleton had very openly reported in the British Daily Mail about his struggle with depression – a disease that he had kept to himself for a long time. In addition, he says he is dyslexic and suffers from a diagnosed attention deficit disorder. James loves animals and not only works for them privately as the owner of several dogs, he is currently campaigning for the “The Paw Print” foundation, which works for animal welfare organizations in the time of Corona.


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