‘Cool’ and effective masks to be fashionable and protect yourself

‘Cool’ and effective masks to be fashionable and protect yourself

The multinational group Carrefour offers through its supermarket online an assortment of more than 20,000 products, you will find fashion, electronics, food … Everything you can get in their physical stores and without having to take risks when leaving home.

Another way of not taking risks is to be well protected, and yes, the most demanded product in pharmacies, you can also get it at Carrefour! Having everything, you could not miss something so basic and necessary today among your articles.

In Merca2 We also look out for your health and protection, that is why we present you the masks you need to prevent the spread of the pandemic from Carrefour. We show you some of them, both disposable and reusable. Don’t be left without protection! With all the masks you can get at Carrefour, You no longer have reason to go out in fear.

Pack of 50 units of disposable masks

In times of pandemic, Carrefour presents you disposable surgical masks for daily use in a pack format with 50 units so you do not run out. You will have masks for you and your whole family. They are very easy to use and are suitable for all types of people. In addition, with its 3-layer structure it will give you protection against the droplets that infect the coronavirus, since the inner and outer layers are not woven and the intermediate layer is a fusion blown filter (polypropylene fiber). They are resistant to moisture and will not irritate your skin, as you see, all advantages. Ideal to work with them and feel comfortable.

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Reusable mask Size L

Of course, the most important thing in these circumstances is to be protected, but we will not deny that giving a little color and joy to this situation always comes in handy, with this mask you will be protected and you will also capture all eyes. Take a look at Carrefour, there are them in all the colors and patterns you can imagine! It is reusable, it has a useful life of about 8 months, however, it does not protect against viruses or other types of pathogens as effectively as those presented below. However, it serves to protect you from allergies and high areas of contamination.

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colored masks

Pack 50 units protection masks KN95

Without a doubt one of the best face masks on the market equivalent to the FFP2 and the most demanded, therefore, difficult to find and obtain. Can you imagine having 50 at your fingertips? Well, with Carrefour it is possible. Protects from all kinds of pathogens and is proven to have a minimum filtration efficiency of> 95%, it is disposable, but without a doubt one of the most effective and comfortable with its foam foam for cushioning the nose. In addition, Carrefour gives you the option of financing your order of 50 units, before this offer it would be foolish to buy them separately but, nevertheless, you should know that you can also buy them by units. As you prefer!

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Carrefour macarillas

10 masks with KN95 filtering

If you think that you do not need a large number of units, at Carrefour you can also find packs of 10 protective masks with KN95 filter. It does not have an exhalation valve to avoid infecting, therefore, neither you will be exposed, nor the people around you. You can prevent contagion and its spread in the safest way. Benefit your breathing at the same time as you security and that of others!

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Carrefour face masks

Reusable mask Size S

As we have previously mentioned, in addition to protecting yourself you can give your mask bright colors and this is ideal for the little ones, that’s why we show you size S of one of the most popular designs. There are many more different patterns! At Carrefour you will get masks for all kinds of people, there are sizes S, M and L so what is it for you, It is no longer an excuse to go unprotected. Find your perfect size and you won’t have to search again because they are reusable, a little detergent and plenty of water and ready to use like new!

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face masks

The entrance Carrefour: ‘Cool’ and effective masks to be fashionable and protect yourself appears first in Merca2.es.


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