Corona virus in Frankfurt am Main: believers infected during worship

Corona virus in Frankfurt am Main: believers infected during worship

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Services have been possible again for three weeks under certain conditions, now believers have been infected with the corona virus at a celebration in Hesse. A community representative speaks of a “difficult situation”.

Apparently, more than a dozen worshipers in Frankfurt have been infected with the corona virus. “We have canceled all meetings. Services are now only available online,” said Vladimir Pritzkau, vice-president of the Gospel Christian Baptist Church.

He couldn’t say exactly how many people were infected in the Baptist church during the celebration on May 10. Most of those affected are at home, six are in hospitals. “It’s a difficult situation for us,” said Pritzkau. The head of the health department of the city of Frankfurt, René Gottschalk, did not comment on the case: “I am a doctor and am obliged to maintain confidentiality.”

According to Pritzkau, it is also unclear how many visitors came to the service. “But we have followed all the rules,” he said. There were disinfectants, said the 64-year-old, and the prescribed distance was also observed.

Religious gatherings have been permitted again subject to conditions since May 1st. In churches and other places of worship, the minimum distance of 1.50 meters must be kept between all people, further hygiene measures such as the installation of disinfectant dispensers are necessary.

Pritzkau made no statements about the number of parishioners, most of whom came from the Frankfurt area. According to the website, services are held in German and Russian in the parish of the Gospel Christian Baptists in the Rödelheim district.

The case falls into the debate about easing protective measures during the corona crisis. Recently, catering in restaurants and cafés has been allowed in most federal states. There are several people in Leer in Lower Saxony infected when visiting a restaurant, Dozens of people now have to be quarantined there.

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