Cyril Lignac questioned by internet users

Cyril Lignac questioned by internet users

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Everyone in the kitchen: Cyril Lignac questioned by internet users

This Tuesday, May 12, Cyril Lignac presented a new issue of Tous en cuisine, in which he received the world champion Olivier Giroud. The famous chef offered viewers to make two exotic recipes. But according to the internet users, he did not adopt the best technique …

When Cyril Lignac gets caught up by viewers … This Tuesday, May 12, the famous chef hosted a new issue of All in the kitchen on M6. This time, he received world champion Olivier Giroud, to whom he proposed two new recipes : spicy chicken brick accompanied by feta and pineapple confit in the oven with bergamot candies. Tasty dishes, which however were not unanimous with the Internet users who followed the culinary program … If some questioned the cooking and preparation techniques of Cyril Lignac, others regretted that it is not a seasonal fruit that is honored.

The disaster started when the chef of M6 wanted to make his sheets of bricks for his samosas. Instead of covering them with butter as the traditional recipe suggests, Cyril Lignac preferred to use egg white. But it was not so much this personal interpretation that bothered internet users. When the principal concerned tried to explain to Jérôme Anthony and his guests of the day how to get beautiful golden triangles, his technique has been somewhat criticized on social networks. “We will teach you to fold Cyril samosas”, “The chef during samosa folding, he was sleeping” or “They are lost with folding”, did we read on Twitter.

And things didn’t work out with the dessert of the day: candied pineapple. Internet users have pointed out the preparation, but also the cooking of this dessert. “How serious is he cutting the pineapple? He’s just wasting it”, noted one of them. “I, the pineapple, I cut it into slices and flamed”, commented on another. You will understand, the technique used by Cyril Lignac was not unanimous this time …



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