Date and how will be the grand final of ‘Survivientes 2020’ in Telecinco

Date and how will be the grand final of 'Survivientes 2020' in Telecinco

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Contestants must leave Honduras and remain 14 days in quarantine in Spain before the grand finale of ‘Survivientes 2020’.

Everything has rushed in Survivors 2020, whose end is getting closer. Yesterday was the last day of the contestants in Honduras as confirmed by Jorge Javier Vázquez during yesterday’s gala and the reason has been none other than the coronavirus. Barranco and Jorge are the new nominees, Elena has been expelled and Hugo has become the first finalist of this edition. But if we no longer have more galas on Thursdays from Honduras, what will happen now with the contest?

The quarantine, which everyone who travels to Spain is obliged to pass, has made the program have to bring forward the return of the contestants and the entire technical team so that the day that is marked for the grand final (within three weeks ), everyone can be together on the Telecinco set.

Jorge Javier Vázquez announced that all the contestants and the team will return to Spain in a chartered plane only for them so that they do not have to wait for authorization on one of the scheduled scheduled flights from Honduras to our country.

In these two weeks that the contestants are going to be quarantined, we do not know how the program will develop, since they cannot go to the set, although they can spend the quarantine together somewhere in Spain, locked up and with cameras. They have to pass the forty that requires the state of alarm, but you have to keep doing the program. Surely Telecinco has a good surprise in store for us.

Lara Álvarez’s tears

Throughout the gala, sadness floated in knowing that it was the last night of the team in ‘La Palapa’. Rocío Flores could not avoid letting go of a tear and Lara Álvarez, who had made up her mind not to cry, could not fulfill it in the off speech. The presenter, very excited, brought the curtain to the stage of Survivors 2020:

“He had said before entering:” I am not going to cry. “Well, we closed this ‘Palapa’ again. We promised it at the beginning of this edition, the most extreme edition. You have seen heavy storms, rains, very harsh conditions … but believe me when I say that nothing compares to being away from you in this difficult moment “, he said with a broken voice remembering the crisis that we are experiencing in Spain during the contest.

Lara Álvarez-closure-Palapa

Lara Álvarez-closure-Palapa

Álvarez wanted to thank “in capital letters” the team behind the most extreme adventure on television: “Thanks to the more than 200 people from Honduras, Italy, the Dominican Republic and Spain who have carried out this program. You are the essence of Survivors, you are the engine. Thanks Óscar, the director, who has allowed this engine to not break at any time and thanks to you we have come very far “.



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