Delphine and Romain (Married at first sight) separated? “There are ups, there are lows”, says the ex-candidate

Delphine and Romain (Married at first sight) separated?

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Delphine and Romain (Married at first sight) separated? “There are ups, there are lows”, says the ex-candidate

Since last weekend, many rumors say that Romain and Delphine de Married at first glance 4 are separated. However discreet, the petanque fan spoke.

At the end of this fourth season of Married at first sight, Romain and Delphine, Élodie and Joachim as well as Laura and Cyril are the only couples to be distributed together. If this last duo has already divorced, the others are still in love. Finally, for several days, Internet users have had doubts about the relationship of Romain and Delphine : “I will give you the explanations of our silence this evening in a video that I will post. Sorry for the silence, which says a lot about the situation but I preferred to keep the little privacy we had left “wrote the dad on Instagram. If he has remained silent since this message, his wife has spoken on social networks.

Everyone needs to find their marks

Faced with the questions that regularly receives Delphine, she finally decided to express herself on her Instagram account to give news to the couple’s fans: “I’m not hiding from you that as a couple, there are ups, there are lows“, she begins by explaining. Then, she continues:”Everyone needs to find their marks, everyone needs to find their rhythm. That’s why at the moment, we don’t show ourselves too much with Romain on social networks. We just needed to step back“. Hoping for them that this is just a bad patch. However, the bride and groom no longer follow each other on Instagram. So what is really going on?

Passing in All in the kitchen

A few weeks ago, they appeared happy and in love on the show of Cyril Lignac, All in the kitchen. Together, they laughed and concocted good dishes alongside the chef of M6. So what has happened in the meantime? Discovered in season 4 of Married at first sight, they have long been seen as the darlings of the program. Nevertheless, contacted by us, Romain did not want to react for the moment on his story with Delphine.