Denis Brogniart evokes with emotion the death of his father

Denis Brogniart evokes with emotion the death of his father

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Denis Brogniart evokes with emotion the death of his father

Saturday May 16, 2020 in 50 Min Inside, Denis Brogniart returned with emotion on the death of his father, who died at 49 years of cancer from the 90s.

The father of Denis Brogniart died of cancer in 1992. A painful episode for the host of Koh Lanta, who agreed to speak of it modestly in the face of Nikos Aliagas in 50 min inside this Saturday, May 16, after mentioning his commitment to research via the Arc foundation, of which he is the ambassador. The opportunity to send a message: “Today, we treat one cancer in two, in 2025, we will treat two out of three if research continues to progress”, he said, noting that 80% of the money used for this purpose came from donations.

A personal struggle

These advances are essential to save lives. “When I talk to doctors, they tell me that if he had had him yesterday, he would have been saved thanks to the advances we know today”, said the host with tears in his eyes. Twenty-eight years after his death, Denis Brogniart is still very affected by the death of his father, who inspired him a lot: “He was my guide in life and he still is”, he said on Europe 1 earlier this year. His father, a doctor of law and a bank executive, gave him a taste for sport: “He said to me, what matters is not the paraphernalia, it’s not the clothes, it’s not the shoes, it’s the muscles and it’s the face. And I always keep that in a little corner of my head. “ Mountain biking, running, tennis … Denis Brogniart never stops and it is his father who owes this passion.

Denis Brogniart wants to do more

For Denis Brogniart, it is important to continue the research and to work hard. Her biggest dream? Being able to organize some sort of Telethon for cancer and thus collect donations. A project that very much pleased Nikos Aliagas : “Imagine if all the channels are mobilizing for this research!”, he pointed out to her.