Diego eliminated from Top Chef announces a project with Jean Imbert

Diego eliminated from Top Chef announces a project with Jean Imbert

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Diego eliminated from Top Chef announces a project with Jean Imbert

This Wednesday, May 6, Diego was eliminated from Top Chef, at the gates of the quarter-finals. But at only 23, the youngest candidate of this season of the culinary competition, took advantage of his time on the show to get closer to a former winner. In the columns of TV Magazine, he announced that he had a project with Jean Imbert.

Diego had to hang up his apron. This Wednesday, May 6, M6 viewers discovered a new episode of Top chef, one of the programs whose distribution was upset by the health crisis coronavirus. And it was the young Diego Alary – who first put his passion in the service of Philippe Etchebest’s brigade and then that of Michel Sarran – who had to leave the culinary adventure. Obviously “disappointed”, as he concedes to TV Magazine, the 23-year-old cook is happy with his career. And for good reason, he left with an enticing project: work with a former Top Chef winner. “I have a project in progress with Jean Imbert”, indeed announced the one who intended himself first for a football career. Next to the emblematic candidate of the third season of the competition, Diego Alary is going “complete the circle because it is with him (that he) started” : “I should take the helm of one of its establishments, a pop-up restaurant which will open in the provinces from June to October”. “I will make a cuisine there that I like, Mediterranean”, promises the young man to our colleagues, who specifies that this nice project is “95% safe”.

“The missing 5% is because of the Covid-19. It would normally be an opening planned after the crisis. The products will really be put forward”, he explains to HuffPost. And if Jean Imbert did not “not really given” advice before participating in Top chef, Diego Alary can’t wait to work with his first mentor again. At 14 and after a tibia-fibula fracture, he had to say goodbye to his football career and embrace a new one. Thanks to his mother, the young man then turned to the stoves and almost naturally, was knocked on the door of Jean Imbert. “I pushed the door of his restaurant and he took me on an internship for a month, explained the cook to West France. I learned very quickly and it allowed me to have a background before starting Ferrandi school to obtain a CAP in two years. “ With his diploma in hand, Diego Alary joined the prestigious three-star restaurant of Guy Savoy in Paris as a kitchen clerk. And at only 18, the young man donned the chef’s outfit for the Simone establishment before working for Alain Ducasse and becoming that of Les Pères Siffleurs, a bistronomic restaurant.

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Diego Alary doesn’t want to rush

Now passed by Top chef, the young man has only good memories of his television appearance. “I got to know very good cooks, we moved all over France to meet incredible chefs, he says to TV Magazine. It’s a contest that saves a few years in a career. I found my culinary identity even more. It helped me position myself. I also experienced moments of sharing with others. “ Soon chef for Jean Imbert, Diego Alary hopes one day to open his own establishment. “It could happen in two or three years, he swears to our colleagues. I’m also waiting to see what will come to me. Since the start of Top Chef, I have had many proposals to become a chef, to advertise … I try not to do anything and not get carried away. I remain a cook above all. “


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