Do teachers have to return to class on May 11?

Do teachers have to return to class on May 11?

In Noumea, New Caledonia, on April 22?

The return of part of the students is still scheduled for May 11. Professors with a “vulnerable” profile, or living with people with this profile, are invited to stay at home in May and June.

Question asked on 05/04/2020


You are referring to the start of the school year – or at least part of it – scheduled for May 11th.

This will be done, as announced in April by Emmanuel Macron on “the basis of volunteering” This principle does not “not about teachers“, But rather the families who send their children to school, finally clarified the Elysee Palace on April 23. “All the teachers will teach, either remotely or face to face”, confirms SnuiPP secretary general, Francette Popineau, contacted by CheckNews.

Circular on the reopening of schools and establishments and the conditions for further learning was published Wednesday on the National Education website. It specifies the principles of the reception framework in which this school year will take place.

“Health vulnerability”

So the staff (including the teachers) “Who have a health vulnerability with regard to the Covid-19 virus or who live with a person with this vulnerability must not be present during the months of May and June”.

No re-entry, therefore for teachers, or staff members of the various establishments considered to be “People at risk of developing a severe form of Covid-19”, according to the criteria adopted by the High Council for Public Health.

In the event of risks, the personnel must notify the national education inspector or the school head. “Their hierarchical authority then tells them if they continue to attend their class remotely or if they take care of a group of students who cannot go to school for health reasons”, complete the circular.

“Right of withdrawal”

Francette Popineau assures that in another case, the teachers can continue to teach from home (and not in their class): if they cannot have their children looked after. What confirms the Ministry of National Education to CheckNews : “The teachers’ children will be received at the school in multi-level groups dedicated to the children of staff from priority professions. If this is not possible, teachers who have not found ways to care for their children will not be forced to return to their school. They will report to their hierarchical authority, who will mobilize them to ensure pedagogical continuity, if necessary at times they agree, either by taking care of their class remotely, or by taking charge of another group of students.

AT CheckNews, Popineau adds: “By virtue of their status, teachers must teach, except to go on strike. On the other hand, after the start of the school year, and as was recalled on Wednesday during the technical committee, which brought together the administration and the representative trade union organizations, there is no question of the teacher being endangered. If the protocol is not well or fully applied, if there is no soap or masks, teachers can use their right of withdrawal. “

Primaries first

As a reminder, and as previously developed on CheckNews, only elementary students will resume classes from May 12 (11 actually corresponds to the pre-entry date).

From May 11, a student [de primaire] may end up in the following four situations, completes the press service of the ministry. ETeaching in class in groups of 15 students maximum; part-time distance education; on a 2S2C course (sport, health, good citizenship, culture) which combines physical activities, health and cultural education organized in close collaboration with the municipality and cultural and sports associations, also in small groups; full-time distance education for students who would not return to class.

The sixth and fifth grades are scheduled to reopen on May 18 in departments classified as green (where the epidemic is less severe). For the fourth, third, high schools, BTS and prepas, a new point will be made in early June to decide whether or not to reopen them.

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