Donald Trump speculates about a complete break in China relations

Donald Trump speculates about a complete break in China relations


The corona crisis is fueling the US dispute with China again: In an interview, US President Trump now brought the possibility of an end to the ties between the two countries into play.

For weeks Donald Trump looking for a scapegoat for the escalation of the corona crisis in his country. Optionally, the U.S. President is working on the World Health Organization, the governors the states, his predecessor Barack Obama and the media. China remains the main target of his attackswhere the virus originated from.

The relationship between the two countries had been tense even before the pandemic. Now, however, Trump even broke off the relationship in an interview on Thursday with the broadcaster Fox. “There are many things we can do,” he said when asked what he thought of the proposal to deny Chinese students a visa in the United States for certain courses.

“We can also end the whole relationship,” said Trump. “And what would happen then? We’d save $ 500 billion.” He had repeatedly and very simply described this sum, which corresponds to the volume of Chinese exports to the USA, as “lost money”.

Trump was also very disappointed that China had not contained the corona virus. Covid-19 comes from the People’s Republic and Beijing could have stopped it. That casts a shadow over his trade deal with China. The ink under the contract was hardly dry, and the virus had already come to an end.

Also the Idea of ​​massive financial compensation he brought into play – the chances of success are likely to be slim. Such populist demands are well received by Trump’s electoral base.

The virus crisis is also weighing on relations with China’s president Xi Jinping. “I don’t feel like talking to him right now. I don’t want to speak to him.” Trump had repeatedly said in the past that he had a good relationship with Xi – and publicly praised his actions against the virus.

Trade agreements should not be renegotiated

Trump and his government officials have been spreading a conspiracy theory for a while, according to which the virus originated in a Chinese laboratory. However, experts believe that the virus has been transmitted from animals to humans, possibly in a market with live animals.

The US president also said he was not interested in renegotiate the trade deal signed with China in January. A state-owned Chinese newspaper previously reported that some government advisors in Beijing were pushing for new talks. Both countries had an argument after almost a year and a half signed a first partial agreement, which China has committed to buying an additional $ 200 billion in US goods over the next two years. Trump had sparked the dispute because, among other things, he was disturbed by the United States’ large trade deficit with China.


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