Donald Trump visits a mask factory … to the sound of “Live and Let Die”

Donald Trump visits a mask factory ... to the sound of

Donald Trump traveled to Arizona on Tuesday to visit a mask factory. The song “Live and Let Die”, taken up by the Guns N ‘Roses, was going at the same time.

Donald trump complains that he had not left the White House “for months”. It is now done. For his first exit from the presidential residence since he greeted the military medical vessel installed in New York at the end of March, the billionaire went on Tuesday to Arizona, to a Honeywell mask factory. Not wearing one himself – he has already assured that he would not wear one despite the health recommendations -, the American president once again called for an end to the containment measures which had a serious impact on the economy: “I’m not saying that everything is perfect. Will some people be affected? Yes. Will some be seriously affected? Yes. But we have to reopen our country and we have to reopen it soon. ” But the visit was noisy: the speakers broadcast the Guns N ‘Roses version of “Live and Let Die”, while the toll of the pandemic in the United States exceeded 71,000 dead, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University, including 395 in Arizona -33 people died there from Covid-19 on Monday, the worst record since the start of the epidemic in the state.

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Donald Trump was greeted at Phoenix Airport by the Governor of Arizona, Republican Doug Ducey, and the two men patted each other for shaking hands, which they had started to do before remembering the barrier gestures to apply. The choice of Arizona is not trivial for this presidential visit: the state reopened on Monday its shops which had been closed for a few weeks because of containment measures to stem the spread of the new coronavirus, according to the wishes expressed by Donald Trump who insists that “the solution cannot be worse than the problem”. He took advantage of this trip to announce aid of $ 600 million for the Navajo people, who live between Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, to help them fight the virus while the minorities were particularly affected by Covid-19.

The State is also a major site for the presidential election next November: according to polls carried out between March and April, aggregated by RealClearPolitics, Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump by 4 points, while the billionaire won in 2016 against Hillary Clinton.


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