Dozens of believers infected in church

Dozens of believers infected in church

The corona outbreak after a service in Frankfurt apparently has significantly larger dimensions than previously assumed. Dozens of people in the region are affected, the authorities have canceled an event.

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A service in Frankfurt am Main apparently led to a larger outbreak of corona despite hygiene measures. The head of the municipal health department said that more than 40 people were infected during the celebration in a Baptist church.

“Most of them are not particularly ill,” said head of office René Gottschalk. “To our knowledge, there is only one person in a hospital.” The deputy community leader Vladimir Pritzkau had previously said that six of those affected were in hospitals.

Not only people from Frankfurt got infected as a result of the service on May 10. The city of Hanau share withthat according to information from the Main-Kinzig district “at least 16 people from Hanau have been infected with the Corona virus”.

Therefore, the district and the city had canceled a fasting prayer scheduled for Sunday by Muslims in Hanau’s Herbert Dröse Stadium. The event would be irresponsible with regard to what is happening in Frankfurt.

The Frankfurt parish of the Gospel Christian Baptists had previously drawn consequences. “We have canceled all meetings. Services are now only available online,” said community representative Pritzkau.

He spoke of a “difficult situation” in view of the outbreak – and at the same time assured that all legal requirements had been complied with: According to the 64-year-old, there were disinfectants, and the prescribed distance had also been observed.

Religious gatherings have been permitted again subject to conditions since May 1st. In churches and other places of worship, the minimum distance of 1.50 meters must be kept between all people, further hygiene measures such as the installation of disinfectant dispensers are necessary.

The case could fuel some doubts Relaxation of protective measures during the corona crisis. Schools and day-care centers have recently reopened in many places, and catering in restaurants and cafés is permitted again almost everywhere. There are several people in Leer in Lower Saxony infected when visiting a restaurant. Dozens are now in quarantine.

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