E-scooter without a license? These (traffic) rules apply to electric scooters

E-scooter without a license? These (traffic) rules apply to electric scooters

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E-scooter drivers must also adhere to certain rules in road traffic

Motor-driven motor vehicles in Germany may only be moved in public spaces with a valid driver’s license – but does that also apply to electric scooters? Or are e-scooters permitted without a license?

After e-scooters were officially approved in Germany in June 2019, they literally flooded the streets and caused plenty of conversation. On the one hand because the accidents with electric scooters increased across Germany – and on the other hand because many models (still) had no road approval. In the meantime, there is a legal basis for the use of kick scooters with electric drive, from which it emerges how vehicle owners must behave in public spaces and under which conditions e-scooters are permitted in road traffic. The most important questions around the topic Electric scooter are summarized and answered below.

E-scooter driving license – mandatory in Germany?

According to the ADAC, there is no driver’s license requirement for e-scooters – provided that the electric scooter does not drive faster than 20 kilometers per hour. On top of that, only Street legal e-scooter are allowed on bike paths, cycle lanes and on bicycle roads. “The small e-scooters are prohibited on the sidewalk, in the pedestrian zone and in one-way streets against the direction of travel – unless driving is permitted by the additional sign” e-scooter free “, adds the automobile club. However, this does not apply to the “Cyclists free” sign.

Is there a compulsory helmet for e-scooters?

Here, too, there is no obligation for e-scooter drivers. However, the official recommendation of the ADAC is that it is generally safer to have one while driving helmet wear.

Minimum age for e-scooter drivers: yes or no?

Regardless of whether you want to drive the electric scooter on public roads or on private terrain: The driver must be at least 14 years old to operate an e-scooter. He does not need a moped test certificate and neither Driving license. However, the minimum age is law.

Alcohol alcohol limit: you need to know that

Even if you are for the E-scooter Do not need a driver’s license, the same alcohol alcohol limit applies as for drivers – if they are exceeded, you not only face a hefty fine, but also points in Flensburg. If you commit an administrative offense or criminal offense, you must expect the following consequences:

  • From 0.5 per mille pay a fine of 500 euros, get two points in Flensburg and hand in your driver’s license (if available) for one month. The second time the fine is 1,000 euros and three months driving ban.
  • From 1.1 per mille there is already a crime that will not only give you three points in Flensburg, but will also result in imprisonment or a fine – your driving license can even be withdrawn entirely.
  • From 0.3 per mille You may face the same risk if you show alcohol-related symptoms of failure while driving an e-scooter, endanger other road users or have caused an accident.

Another important note from ADAC: As long as you are still in the trial period or under the age of 21, one applies to you Alcohol limit of 0.0.

E-scooters without a license: the most important rules

The Road Traffic Ordinance (StVO) and the Small Electric Vehicle Ordinance (eKFV) result in the following prerequisites for e-scooters with road approval:

If you have a scooter with an electric drive that can drive at least 6 km / h and at most 20 km / h, it needs one Operating license for road traffic. Add to that your vehicle have to insure – in other words you need one Motor vehicle liability insurance including insurance indicator. If you only use the e-scooter on private premises, you do not need a street license.

The following rules also apply to e-scooters in road traffic:

  1. Driving on sidewalks and (most) pedestrian zones is not permitted.
  2. If there are no cycle paths, cycle lanes or bicycle lanes, you have to switch to the street.
  3. E-scooters are only allowed for one driver, a second person is not allowed to take them with you.
  4. If you change direction, i.e. turn right or left, you must indicate this with a hand signal.
  5. Both the lighting and a bell must be attached to the e-scooter and be fully functional.
  6. Pedal scooters with an electric motor may only be driven one behind the other and not next to each other.
  7. You must not attach any trailers to the vehicle or pull them behind you with the e-scooter.
  8. It is not permitted to drive an e-scooter hands-free or to hang yourself with another vehicle.

  9. When riding on a bike path, you need to allow faster cyclists to overtake you.

  10. When driving on pedestrian paths that you can use with the e-scooter, the speed must be adjusted.

Extract from the fine catalog for e-scooters

If you commit an administrative offense with the e-scooter, you will incur different fines. Although these are not as high as when the alcohol alcohol limit is exceeded, they still burden the wallet just as much. A small excerpt follows:



Driving at traffic lights when red:

60 euro

Drive on the sidewalk or bike path:

55 euros

Driving side by side:

15 euro

Freehand driven:

10 Euro

E-scooter used for two:

20 Euros

Attach to another vehicle:

10 Euro

Driving without insurance cover:

40 euros

Bell is missing or does not work:

15 euro

Light is missing / does not work:

20 Euros

Sources: ADAC; Fines catalog

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