Elena’s incredible insight into the relationship of Adara and Gianmarco

Elena's incredible insight into the relationship of Adara and Gianmarco

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Elena Adara and Gianmarco

A little over a month has passed since the unexpected breakup of Adara and Gianmarco. The Italian surprised everyone with some stories in which he told that he was going to Italy, in full confinement, after discovering messages from the winner of the GH VIP 7 with another man, who turned out to be his friend and companion of ‘Big Brother’ Rodrigo .

All this breakup caught Adara locked up at home and away from her mother, Elena, who a month before had flown to Honduras to participate in Survivors 2020 leaving his daughter and the Italian in love and about to enjoy their first hours of love after ‘The time of the discount’.

Elena has spoken on more than one occasion about her daughter and Gianmarco on the island and has said that while her girl is happy she is happy. But her mother’s intuition has made her own and the question of whether everything is going well in Spain has suddenly appeared. Adara’s mother had not made any comment about these doubts but tonight, at the 12th Survivors gala, she was suddenly released to Jorge Javier Vázquez

The presenter asked him to get wet about the breakup of Ivana Icardi and Hugo Sierra, and Elena told him: “I answer if I can ask you a question earlier, are Adara and Gianmarco still together?”. Jorge Javier, hallucinating like everyone else, has said that he cannot give him any information from abroad. And she has answered: “It is that I am …” (gesturing with his hand of ‘turning it around’).

His words have coincided with the statements of Gianmarco Onestini, who just released the Mtmad channel on Thursday and has decided to talk about how he lived his intense love story with Adara and how he feels right now after the passage of weeks: “No it’s easy to sleep I have many thoughts … many memories come to mind … I have seen videos of us in ‘GH VIP’ and it has made me remember with much affection, tenderness … moments that have been very very beautiful, unforgettable moments for me and that’s not going to be erased by anyone, “explained the winner of ‘Discount Time’, very aware at the same time that he and Adara don’t seem to be made for each other. And Elena seems to be smelling it …


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