Elena’s striking reaction upon learning of the breakup of Adara and Gianmarco

Elena's striking reaction upon learning of the breakup of Adara and Gianmarco

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Elena Adara Gianmarco

Elena Rodríguez asked Jorge Javier Vázquez, on May 7, a question from Palapa that did not go unnoticed by anyone:“Are Adara and Gianmarco together?” He threw him leaving us all stunned with his enormous intuition. At that time, a little over a month had passed since the unexpected breakup of Adara and Gianmarco. The Italian surprised everyone with some stories in which he told that he was leaving for Italy, in full confinement, after discovering messages from the winner of GH VIP 7 with another man, who turned out to be his friend and companion of ‘Big Brother’ Rodrigo.

Well, this Thursday Elena has been expelled and has finally had the answer to her big question. Jorge Javier has fulfilled his promise and has told him: “I want to give you an answer to a question you asked me, do you remember?” “Yes,” Adara’s mother replied quickly: “Yes Adara and Gianmarco follow their love story. I think so.

“They are not together”, the presenter has said to him. But Elena, despite the fact that she had said that she believed they would continue together, was not surprised: “Jo, well … there must be a reason. If they have broken, there was nothing, there was only sexual attraction“Two months ago,” Jorge Javier explained: “They broke up so long ago that Gianmarco seems to be from the edition of Survivientes de Rosa Benito.”

Elena was not surprised and assured that the important thing is that Adara “is fine”. “Let him be with whoever he wants”, The survivor has said that she has not been much affected by the rupture, everything is said. And he has given a tip to his ex-son-in-law: “I would say that when you look at a woman who is not yours, don’t look at her mouth like that.”


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