Events.- A man arrested for faking his kidnapping to justify to his wife that he had been late

Events.- A man arrested for faking his kidnapping to justify to his wife that he had been late

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A miner rescue team ride in a police car, led by Spanish Civil Guard, towards the area where Julen, a Spanish two-year-old boy, fell into a deep well ten days ago when the family was taking a stroll through a private estate , in Totalan, southern Spain January 23, 2019. REUTERS / Jon Nazca

At 04:00 in the morning of last Wednesday, the man appeared at the premises of the Civil Guard of Torrevieja and stated that two individuals, possibly from some Eastern European country, had approached him while he was inside his vehicle , the Benemérita explained in a statement.

According to the man’s account, these two individuals threatened him with a knife and forced him to drive to an isolated spot, between La Mata and Guardamar. Once there, he explained, the men stole the 800 euros he had with him, withheld him and threatened him at all times with a knife to give them more money.

The man told the Civil Guard that, finally, they put a bag on his head and abandoned him in the area, stealing the vehicle, which was owned by a friend, and breaking his mobile phone to prevent him from asking for help. He claimed that he had therefore had to walk home on foot.

Given the seriousness of the events denounced, the investigation was carried out by the Judicial Police Team of the Civil Guard of Torrevieja, who summoned the alleged victim that same afternoon to take a more exhaustive statement and to reconstruct the events, in if you.


After taking another demonstration and reaffirming himself, the complainant accompanied the agents to the place where the kidnappers allegedly had abandoned him, known as El Moncayo. There he began to explain the details of his kidnapping.

After more than half an hour touring the area and after “numerous inconsistencies and contradictions” in his story, the man finally collapsed and confessed to the agents that he had invented all that history to justify his wife having arrived at those hours of the morning and that, to give truth to his story, he had decided to formalize the denunciation of the events.

The agents also verified that the vehicle that had been reported stolen was perfectly parked on a street in Torrevieja.

For all these reasons, the victim of the alleged crimes of illegal detention, robbery with violence and intimidation and vehicle theft ended up being detained for a crime simulation crime. He has been placed at the disposal of the judicial authority and has been provisionally released pending trial.


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