Exchange of fire between South and North Korea

Exchange of fire between South and North Korea

On the heavily guarded border between South and North Korea there is said to be an exchange of fire between soldiers from both countries.

South and North Korea took important measures to relieve the military two years ago. An exchange of fire at the border is now a matter of concern.

On the heavily guarded border between the South and North Korea According to South Korean information, there was an exchange of fire between soldiers from both countries.

North Korean soldiers fired shots at a South Korean border checkpoint within the four-kilometer-wide military buffer zone, the General Staff in South Korea said on Sunday. South Korean soldiers returned the fire after sending out warnings.

There was no information on victims or other damage on the South Korean side. It was initially unclear whether there were injuries on North Korean soil.

The aim was to try to get a better picture of the situation and avoid further incidents via the Korean communication channels. South Korea’s military meanwhile is on standby.

The incident in the central section of the Cheorwon Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) occurred a day after North Korea’s state media released an initial public Appearance of the ruler Kim Jong Un had reported for a long time.

Kim’s absence for nearly three weeks had sparked speculation about his health and questions about the situation in the isolated country.

It has been on the maritime and national border between the two countries since the Korean War (1950-53) in the past incidents often occurred. But south and North Korea agreed two years ago on new measures for military relaxation. As part of the deal, they had cleared several border checkpoints in the border area.

The neighboring countries are still at war under international law. The DMZ has separated the two countries four kilometers wide and about 250 kilometers long since its brother war.

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