Exchange rate: Euro hardly changed

Euro / Dollar: Euro continues recovery course

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Much of the world’s transactions are processed in the two currencies.

Investors have recently speculated on a further easing of the Fed’s monetary policy. This Wednesday, the focus is again on economic data.

The euro moved little on Wednesday, keeping the gains from the previous day. The common currency was trading at $ 1.0848 in the morning, roughly the same level as the previous day. The European Central Bank (ECB) had last set the reference rate at $ 1.0858 on Tuesday afternoon.

The previous day, the euro was still able to benefit from a weakness in the dollar and had temporarily risen to $ 1.0885. There was further easing of the US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy on the market Fed speculates, meanwhile negative interest rates in the United States be considered possible. However, several US central bankers had rejected negative interest rates.

In the further course of the trade, economic data are likely to come into focus. The program includes key indicators for industrial production in the Eurozone in March. A drastic slump is expected due to the corona crisis.


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