Explosive video continues to put pressure on Bolsonaro

Explosive video continues to put pressure on Bolsonaro

© Getty Images / Andressa Anholete
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro verbally abuses the governors of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in the video Source: Getty Images / Andressa Anholete

As part of an investigation into Brazilian head of state Jair Bolsonaro, a Supreme Court judge released a video to support allegations of police interference. However, the video of a cabinet meeting on April 22 reveals other dirty details that could do serious damage to the right-wing president’s government, which has been in office for 18 months. Brazilian television continued to show excerpts from the video on Friday.

They heard Bolsonaro berate governors, call Education Minister Abraham Weintraub to detain Supreme Court judges, and Environment Minister Ricardo Salles plans to use the Corona pandemic to legalize mining and agriculture in the Amazon rainforest. The video already appeared after the cabinet meeting, but the details were not yet known.

Minister of Justice Sergio Moro resigned on 24 April after the dismissal of Chief Mauricio Valeixo. Former anti-corruption judge Moro accused Bolsonaro of inappropriate “political interference” in police work. According to him, he is said to have released Valeixo and other senior police officers to protect his family from investigations. A Supreme Court judge then ordered an investigation into whether Bolsonaro was guilty of criminal justice or other crimes.

“Hell the police don’t give me any information”

According to media reports, the police are investigating Bolsonaro and its close surroundings in various cases. This also includes allegations against his son Carlos, a city councilor from Rio de Janeiro, who is said to have led a fake news campaign in his father’s favor. The investigation into a possible legal disability could lead to Bolsonaro’s impeachment.

In the video, the president railed against what he said was the lack of information from the federal police. “I can’t let the news surprise me. Hell the police don’t give me any information, ”he scolds, adding,“ I can’t work like that. So I’m going to get involved, period. It’s not a threat … it’s the truth. ”

Elsewhere, Bolsonaro says he has been unsuccessful in “officially replacing our Rio de Janeiro security personnel.” “Past. I will not wait for my whole family, my friends … because I can’t change anyone in our security apparatus. ”

The President had previously admitted talking about his family during the cabinet meeting – but he was only concerned with protecting their physical integrity. Now he explained that there was “not a single second in the video” that indicated his interference in the work of the federal police.

“That’s why I want the population to be armed”

Other passages in the video could also be dangerous to Bolsonaro and his cabinet. In one, the president vilely abuses the governors of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for having issued strict corona curfews contrary to his instructions.

He described them as “piece of shit” and “dung heap” and added: “That’s why I want (…) that the population be armed. This is a guarantee that not some bastard can just show up and establish a dictatorship here. “Minister of Education Weintraub, for his part, attacks the Supreme Court because it upheld the sovereignty of the states:” If it were up to me, I would be all these criminals to jail, starting with the Supreme Court. ”

Environment Minister Ricardo Salles, in turn, proposes to use the moment when “the media only talk about Covid-19” to “change all regulations” that prevented mining and agriculture on protected land in the Amazon. Opponents of the president reacted to the video on Friday with loud pounding from their windows.