Fans are annoyed about audience voting in the final

Fans are annoyed about audience voting in the final

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Luca Hänni and dance partner Christina Luft ended up in third place

On Friday evening, Lili Paul-Roncalli and her dance partner Massimo Sinató emerged as the “Let’s Dance” winner. However, some Twitter users were annoyed that RTL did not respond in one situation.

A “Let’s Dance” final could not have been scarcer: fighting on Friday evening Lili Paul-Roncalli and Moritz Hans head to head around the dance crown. In the end, both couples got full marks from the jury – and Lili Paul-Roncalli was able to secure the title because of the audience voting.

But one thing bothered the fans: While Paul-Roncalli and Hans kept getting full marks from the judges, Luca Hänni was close, but consistently in third place. And until after the third dance. At that time, Lili Paul-Roncalli and Moritz Hans had 90 jury points and shared first place. Luca Hänni was in third place with 84 points. According to the RTL point system, this meant the following: The first two dance pairs got three points, Hänni one.

Fans are annoyed about the points system at “Let’s Dance”

In addition, there was the vote of the fans: for most viewer calls three points were added, for very few one. And so it was already clear to the DSDS star that he couldn’t possibly win – no matter how many viewers would have called for him.

RTL did not mention this fact. Moderator Daniel Hartwich continued to urge the audience luca Haenni and support Christina Luft with calls. Although it was clear that one way or another it would not be enough for a win. Some Twitter users were angry about it. They think that one should have made it clear that this would not work anymore and should have Luca Hänni resigned directly or deactivate his number so that his fans, who did not understand this directly, did not have to pay 50 cents per call.

Some users also find it unfair to Luca Hänni to continue calling to vote for him: “Unfair from RTLthat you act as if Luca could win, “wrote one user on Twitter.” This is fraud, “complained another user.

Others, on the other hand, do not understand the excitement and said on Twitter: “Whoever did not understand that the two can no longer win is to blame.”

At the request of star explains an RTL spokesman: “The voting has been like this since the first season and it is also about determining the second and third place.” The calls can also be used to enter the competition. In addition, you could support your star and could have brought Luca Hänni in second place, since in the end the audience votes count more than the jury points.

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