find out which iconic character is leaving the game

find out which iconic character is leaving the game

While the next season of Fort Boyard will soon be filmed, an iconic character in the adventure game has revealed that he will no longer be present.

In a few days, the AdventureLine Productions teams will settle down Fort Boyard to shoot the 31st season on France 2. The game will indeed be broadcast on the channel this summer, but with many changes to maintain the barrier gestures: “We work with production. Applicants will wear masks. We will use several boats instead of one to reach the fort. We have specially created confined games that allow us to respect barrier gestures and distance“explained Takis Candilis, deputy managing director at the antenna and programs of France Télévisions, at the beginning of May. And other news has just fallen. In an interview with our colleagues from TVMag, Cyril André a.k.a Mister Boo announces that he is leaving the program after seven years of participation: “I’m not stacking this year. In fact, I have several projects: my house is under construction and I plan to open my gym in a year. It’s impossible for me to reconcile everything.

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Fort Boyard: find out which iconic character is leaving the game

A few months ago, Cyril André had problems with the law. So, one might think that this is a forced departure. According to the principal party, this is not the case: “Last year, I was already thinking about it. And I warned production at the end of October 2019 that I did not want to come back the following year because I had just launched my projects. I’ve been there for seven years and the more the years go by, the longer the shooting days get. Going away from home for four weeks, from my shop was heavy and restrictive even if I had a lot of fun“, he explains.

“I would have preferred the character to disappear with me”

In this interview, Cyril André reveals that he asked the production of Fort Boyard to make his character disappear from Mister Boo. Request rejected by ALP, which found a replacement. “I didn’t want there to be another Mister Boo after I left, I would have preferred the character to disappear with me. (…) According to them, this character has its importance in the game so they cannot delete it like that. In March, they launched the casting to find the one who will replace me (…) Now with this epidemic of coronavirus, he will not be able to do many of my tests. For example, he will not be able to fight in the mud“he explains.

A test that the production has, indeed, decided to remove this year. Last April, Olivier Minne, whom the faithful of France 2 will obviously find at the head of Fort Boyard this summer, had revealed that certain emblematic tests of Fort Boyard would be hatched this season. “For example, the fight in the mud is absolutely not possible this year, because there, there is a direct physical contact between the characters of the Fort and the candidates”, he said at the RTL microphone before confiding that even the staging of the program was going to have to evolve: “There are a lot of moments on the show where we find ourselves in confined spaces, almost on top of each other, so all of this is subject to reflection.” Response in a few weeks!

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