For WHO, the new epicenter of the coronavirus is in South America

For WHO, the new epicenter of the coronavirus is in South America

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The World Health Organization (WHO) He declared this Friday, in his usual daily conference, that the disturbing numbers of infections and deaths from coronavirus in South America They shifted the attention of world health authorities to this continent.

South America became a new epicenter of the disease. We see the number of cases increase in many South American countries, “said the person in charge of emergency situations at the who, Michael Ryan, by conference call from Geneva.

In addition, Ryan asserted that “there is a lot of concern around those countries, but clearly the most affected at the moment is Brazil

Brazil can become for these hours the second country (only behind United States) with the most cases in the world, if it maintains the level of contagions of the last days (has 310,087 infected and it could exceed Russia, which registers 326,448).

A record figure of 1,188 killed in a single day, so the number of deaths amounted to 20,047 since the start of the pandemic, according to data from the country’s Ministry of Health.

The State of São Paulo, the main economic and cultural point of the country, is the most affected by the pandemic with about a quarter of all cases and deaths registered nationwide, with a total of 5,558 deceased; followed by Rio de Janeiro, with 3,412; Ceará, with 2,161; Pernambuco, with 1,925 others and Paraná, with 1,852 deaths.

In this regard, Ryan stated that although the number of cases in São Paulo is the highest, the most serious situation is that of the Amazon, “with a very high rate,” he said.

The Amazon state has the highest number of cases in relation to the population: 490 infected people per 100,000 inhabitants.

On the use of chloroquine For the treatment of Covid-19 approved by Brazil, the WHO official noted that there is no evidence to indicate that the drug is effective in fighting coronavirus infection.

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