Former employee sticks to allegations against Biden

Former employee sticks to allegations against Biden

A former assistant to ex-US Vice President Joe Biden, Tara Reade, holds firm against allegations of sexual assault in the 1990s against the Democratic presidential candidate.

© Photo: Donald Thompson / AP / dpa
Tara Reade maintains her allegations against Joe Biden.

She wished Biden got out of the presidential race, Reade said in an interview that US journalist Megyn Kelly published on Twitter. Reade said she would swear her allegations.

Reade accuses the now 77-year-old of having pressed her against a wall in a Senate building in 1993, reaching under her skirt and penetrating her with his fingers. Biden vehemently denied the allegations against him last week. «You are not true. That never happened, »he said. Biden wants to challenge US President Donald Trump in the presidential election in November.

Trump said on Friday to Fox News television with a view to Biden: “This is a fight that he must fight.” He himself had had such fights and was wrongly accused. “Maybe it’s a false accusation.” He hoped for Biden. In the past, various women have also accused Trump of sexual harassment and rape, which he rejected.

Regarding the Reade case, a California newspaper published a court document on Thursday that the ex-husband was said to have drawn up in the wake of the couple’s divorce, and which dates from 1996. According to the newspaper “The Tribune”, the latter stated that Reade had spoken to him about a problem she had at work and was related to sexual harassment in Biden’s office. However, the document does not indicate that Biden was responsible for this, nor does the document address the latest allegations.

Reade had made her allegations public in a podcast several weeks ago. Several US media then began extensive research, talking to Reade, then companion of the woman and former employees of Biden. They found no clear evidence for their representation. Biden and his campaign campaign complain that there are all inconsistencies in the description of the woman.


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