Free or paid parking: the battle of deconfinement

Free or paid parking: the battle of deconfinement

In Lyon, the deconfinement planned for Monday is also synonymous with the return of paid parking, when it had been free for a month and a half, as in many other cities. This return to the situation before made many dissatisfied, starting with the merchants of the city center who, themselves, wanted a boost to revive their activity.

Free parking in Lyon is almost over. As of Monday morning, you will again have to put coins – or your credit card – in the parking meter. So decided the city, after having suspended paid parking for more than a month, because of the crisis in coronavirus.

The generalized confinement being finished, there is no longer any question of favoring the immobilization of the cars, explains to Europe 1 Jean-Yves Sécheresse, travel assistant. “There is an anxiety among some Lyonnais to take public transport. If we leave the parking free, we will have an influx of cars,” he points out. “This is why we are going to return to paid parking, so that our compatriots who sometimes live very far away, in Isère or in the Loire for example, are not tempted to come by car to the city center . ”

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Help small business

Enough to anger merchants, whose activity has been almost stopped for a month and a half. And who hoped for a gesture to encourage people to come back to consume. “The situation is catastrophic, everyone knows. We can very well, during a period of crisis, help small traders with a boost like free parking, with the aim of recovery,” says Carole Château, patron of a stationery and spokesperson for the movement.


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This return of paid parking in the streets of Lyon is going all the worse since the neighboring town of Villeurbanne has already announced that, at home, parking will remain free until August 31.


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