Gaby Baginsky: Corona drama about her mother: “She wanted to die”

Gaby Baginsky: Corona drama about her mother:

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Gaby Baginsky

The corona crisis demands a lot from people worldwide – especially the older ones. Pop singer Gaby Baginsky also had to experience this firsthand. Her mother Berta even wanted to commit suicide.

The spread of the coronavirus can only be curbed by strictly prohibiting contact. Has been there for more than eight weeks Germany in lockdown, contact locks are loosened only slowly. It is particularly important to protect older people because they are particularly at risk. There has been a dramatic incident for pop singer Gaby Baginsky, 66. As she tells in the interview with “Bild”, her mother Berta, 92, is doing so badly in her nursing home that she wanted to throw herself out of the window.

Gaby Baginsky doesn’t know what to do next

She visits her mother regularly, but the two women are only allowed to talk at a distance – too little for Gaby Baginsky’s mother Berta, who suffers from the current situation to such an extent that she now even wanted to commit suicide. “The loneliness robbed my mother of courage to live. She doesn’t understand the situation, just wants to hug me. But we’re not allowed to do that, even in protective clothing,” says Gaby Baginsky in an interview with “Bild”. One day Berta took a chair, moved it to the window, and wanted to jump, so the drummer’s dramatic description. Fortunately, worse things could be prevented. “Fortunately, someone saw Mommy climb into a chair by the open window and alarmed the police.” The 92-year-old was saved, but she is still not better.

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Mother Berta also suffers physically

Gaby Baginsky’s mother not only suffers mentally, but also physically Corona crisis difficult to create for the pensioner who has been living in a nursing home for a year and a half. The two women can only talk by phone at the moment, Gaby Baginsky may go to the home site, but not near her mother. “She has already lost 20 kilos. I am afraid that she will not survive the next day,” according to the dramatic assessment of “The Rum of Barbados” interpreter.

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