Germany is gradually reopening its borders

Germany is gradually reopening its borders



    <title>Germany is gradually reopening its borders</title>

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17 hours ago

It is a symbol that this meeting between the German and Luxembourg Foreign Ministers on the bridge spanning the Moselle in Schengen, the locality which gave its name to the agreements allowing the free movement of citizens within Europe. Heiko Maas, the German Minister for Foreign Affairs, judges that this reopening of the border with Luxembourg “is an important sign”. Heiko Maas: “The European Union is based on the idea of ​​a Europe without borders, and I believe that citizens could no longer understand a Europe with borders. We have a great responsibility in the fight against the pandemic. we continue to reap victories in this fight, we must gradually dismantle the border controls that we have re-established. Thus, Europe will once again be a Europe without borders, and that is what citizens expect. ” This Saturday, Germany also – but slightly – relaxed its passage conditions with Austria and Switzerland after two months of total blockage. Regarding the border with France, it will at least have to wait (if all goes well) in mid-June. Other European countries quickly intend to follow in Germany’s footsteps, such as Italy where tourism is a vital sector which represents 13% of the GDP. The government of Giuseppe Conte announced the lifting of the compulsory quarantine for foreign visitors and the reopening of the borders to all tourists from the European Union on June 3. Spain has chosen another path, that of securing for two weeks the isolation of anyone entering its territory, including the French. By way of reciprocity, Paris will apply the same measure for Spaniards setting foot on French soil …

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