Government asks Ayuso to justify that the menus of Telepizza, Rodilla and Viena Chaplains are healthy

Government asks Ayuso to justify that the menus of Telepizza, Rodilla and Viena Chaplains are healthy

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The Government has sent a request to the Community of Madrid to “justify” that the menus of Telepizza, Rodilla and Viena Chaplains that the recipients of dining scholarships in the region receive from March 18 by an agreement with these companies, are “healthy” in order to receive extraordinary financing to help guarantee the right to food of minors in vulnerable situations.

In addition, he urges him to look for “another alternative project that more fully guarantees the feeding of these children affected by the closure of school canteens.”

This is stated by the Vice Presidency for Social Rights and for the 2030 Agenda in a request, to which Europa Press has had access and advanced by Cadena Ser, addressed last week to the regional Executive.

The department headed by Pablo Iglesias communicates in that letter that they are proceeding to review the projects submitted for financing from the extraordinary credit for aid aimed at guaranteeing the basic right to food for children in vulnerable situations who are affected by the closure of educational centers, and “which must be approved by mutual agreement, as provided for in the Council of Ministers agreement that formalizes their distribution among the autonomous communities.”

In this sense, he warns that the project presented by the Madrid Ministry of Education refers to the provision of menus of several fast food chains from Monday to Friday for families that receive minimum insertion incomes with minors who have a reduced dining price.

“We understand that this option (which is no longer punctual for an emergency, but lasts for weeks or months) is not the most suitable from the nutritional point of view and guarantee of the right to food and health of minors and more in the case of vulnerable families with special difficulties in acquiring fresh food, meat, fish, fruit, and that in a period like the one we are going through we have to take special care, “exhorts the central executive.

Request review of the project

For this reason, it requests the “review” of this project, that the Community of Madrid justify “the suitability and the healthy and balanced character of the menus offered” and that, where appropriate, it value “the option of sending another alternative project that guarantees in a more complete way, the feeding of these children affected by the closure of the school canteens, attending to some of the aid modalities provided for in the Council of Ministers agreement. ”

On March 18, the Community of Madrid reached, with the declaration of the state of alarm, an agreement with these restaurant chains for these schoolchildren, who have a reduced price in the school canteens for belonging to disadvantaged families, who are income recipients Insertion Minimum (RMI).

The distribution of these menus was launched for a group of almost 12,000 schoolchildren and after, as detailed by the regional Executive, the measure was authorized by the Ministry of Health. In this regard, the Madrid Minister of Education, Enrique Ossorio, defended that “varied” menus were displayed for these schoolchildren.

The measure has been criticized by opposition political groups, as well as various unions and social organizations. Just yesterday, the Gasol Foundation (promoted by basketball players Pau and Marc Gasol) expressed concern about the “negative consequences that it can have on children’s health.”

Ayuso: now “emergency solutions can be left behind”

The own president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, advanced that “now” that we are beginning to “see the light” we can “leave behind urgent solutions” such as the menus of Telepizza, Rodilla and Viena Capellanes.

He did so in a letter sent to the Gasol brothers. “Now that we begin to see the light after very hard weeks with the Covid-19, we will be able to leave behind many of the emergency solutions that we had to implement to provide solutions like this and restore normality,” said the regional president.

In this sense, he pointed out that the menus “have been supervised by the nutrition departments of the companies and not only the amount of calories has been taken into account, but other aspects such as the fiber, vitamins and necessary minerals that they provide.”

He also emphasized that “the fact that the menus are offered by Telepizza or Rodilla does not mean that only menus of pizza or sandwiches are offered”, since, as he has indicated, “there are a series of options with salads, pasta, and they also include yogurts and fruit. ” “In addition, the Vienna Chaplains also offer vegetables, rice, vegetables and fish,” he added.

“As you can see, it was an emergency situation and we worked urgently to put in place the best possible solution at that time. We are aware that it was a temporary solution at a critical moment, with the region and the country suffering the greatest pandemic of our history, with hundreds of deaths every day and with a situation of social confinement never seen before, “said Ayuso.



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