Great hope of Austrian skiing found dead

Great hope of Austrian skiing found dead

Johanna Bassani

Johanna Bassani, great hope of Austrian skiing specializing in Nordic combined, was found dead. Aged 18, she allegedly committed suicide because of the very strong pressure on her career.

This is tragic news that mourns Austrian sport. Johanna Bassani, announced as a future star of the Nordic combined, was found dead on Tuesday. The circumstances of the death have not been specified, but the hypothesis of suicide is preferred.

“Several farewell letters were found,” a lawyer confirmed to the site. oe24. In one of these, she would have explained her gesture because of the enormous pressure exerted on her success by the Austrian Federation of ski. “I can no longer do all this, I can no longer,” she wrote in the Austrian media.

At the age of 18, they were considered a very great hope for her discipline. Last January, she won the team silver medal at the Youth Olympic Games in Prémanon (Jura).


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