Half time less than 45 minutes in the Premier League?

Half time less than 45 minutes in the Premier League?

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In fact, we are clearly changing sports.

With an absolute desire to be able to resume and finish the championship, the organizers of the Premier League are trying by all means to find solutions to go to the end of the season. In private, they have proposed several measures to try to replay football. If they have not been officially revealed until now, the big boss of the English players’ union Gordon Taylor advanced some of them on Tuesday.

“We do not know the future, but we know what proposals have been made, and what ideas have been put forward, he launched at the microphone of the BBC. For example, there is the possibility of having more substitutes, half-time that would last less than 45 minutes, or even playing on neutral grounds. “ Proposals which are, however, still far from being implemented: “There are a lot of things on the table … We will let leaders, coaches and players think about it. “

Next proposal: play three against three, without goalies, and at least five meters apart from each other, under penalty of exclusion.



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