Having the rich pay? A solution that “Le Maire” is wary of

Having the rich pay? A solution that

Bruno Le Maire

Return of the wealth tax, heavier taxation of capital … A little fiscal music begins to gain momentum, especially with reformist unions like the CFDT: ask the high incomes to contribute more to the national effort in this sensitive period of resumption of activity.

But for Bruno Le Maire, tax is not the right solution. “I am wary of this reaction which consists in thinking that the solution is systematically found in taxes and levies. I think that the solution is in the revival of the activity, in the revival and in the horizon which is that of the low-carbon economy “, judged this Monday on BFM Business the Minister of the Economy.

“An error” not to be reproduced

“I hope that we will be imaginative enough to take this path which is that of growth, work and the low-carbon economy. Raising taxes, raising taxes, involving all French people more: I think that all that will only help slow French growth. “

“It is a mistake that we have made in the past. Let us not repeat the mistakes that have been made in the past, those which consist in massively raising taxes after the crisis, it does not work and it slows down growth, “said the minister. Bruno Le Maire was also not in favor of solutions “which consist in not setting an environmental course”.

Before adding: “And I think that if we are able to follow these new directions, (…) this is how we will succeed in reviving the French economy in the aftermath of the crisis”.

>> Find the full interview with Bruno Le Maire on video here.


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