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José Antonio Avilés

José Antonio Avilés He believes that Survivors 2020 has been a professional boost for him, but the reality is that the problems are multiplying and he faces an increasingly complicated situation on his return to Spain. To his speculations during the reality show that has put him on a war footing with most of his colleagues, the information that has emerged about his academic training, his businesses or his airs of greatness is added, as well as the shadow of the controversy over the origin. of its best known exclusives. To make matters worse, some of his colleagues from Mediaset, like Ylenia Padilla or Isabel Rábago, they have denounced that they have been ‘swindled’ by the journalist.

The collaborator of ‘Viva la Vida’, in a real bind, assured Jordi González last Sunday during ‘Conexión Honduras’ that on his return to Spain he will explain everythingBut in the last four days, the picture he faces is even worse.

His family, for the moment, wants to stay out of so much controversy, and so the journalist’s father has told Sálvame. The father of Avilés has distanced himself from the controversies of his son and he has made it very clear that “he is of legal age and has his activity”. “I neither enter nor leave at all”, he said very sure, although he wanted to make something clear in defense of his son: “I do not share anything, there have been a lot of nonsense.”

“My mother and I have never done anything about my son’s personal life”He has ended by making it clear that his son will defend himself when he can leave Honduras. A reality that seems increasingly complicated for the journalist, who will have to put out many fires and give explanations to almost all his colleagues.

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