“He was a ladies’ man!”


Need anything want you ? Not every day, obviously. Invited in The Luxury Moment on Non Stop People on May 15, 2020, Sloane mentioned the duet she formed with Peter, on stage as in life. If he refuses to admit this romantic relationship, the singer remembered that time when their love shone in front of the public, at the Carpenters, everywhere else … until it exploded. “We got angry because, well, we were together, and he had a little woman in the dressing room, she explains. And I had to take it on. I didn’t talk to her anymore for three weeks and then we got back together. ”

Professionally, she remembers an unstable man, led by his ego. Six times, he broke their duo, he who dreamed of a solo career, depriving them of an incredible number of joint performances. In private life, things were not much rosier. As a couple from 1983 to 1985, the lovers did not live together so that the artist could keep his freedom, his independence. “It was a woman’s manshe continues. He always denied that he had been with me, it’s very funny. But it was difficult to live. He was very handsome. It was the beautiful brown, Italian …

After having pushed the song together for years, chained the tours of the 80s, Peter and Sloane walked away. To date, they have not spoken to each other for three years. Manhandled by the male gender, the 63-year-old singer decided to draw a line under love, “abandoned“by her husband Thierry – the father of her daughter Morgane – after seventeen years of living together. I made a cross on men somewhere, she already explained in 2018 to Paris here. Too many disappointments, more desire and the fear of suffering again slow me down.“No news of her situation since. Unless, of course, she prefers to live hidden to live happily …


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