his magnificent declaration of love to his partner Laury Thilleman

his magnificent declaration of love to his partner Laury Thilleman

Juan Arbelaez: his magnificent declaration of love to his partner Laury Thilleman

Juan Arbelaez took stock of his confinement on Instagram. He especially took the opportunity to send a very nice declaration of love to his companion, totally in love.

France has been deconfigured for almost two weeks now. And some people look with a certain nostalgia at this parenthesis of two months, like Juan Arbelaez. The chef spent this period with his wife Laury thilleman in the south of France. And the least we can say is that the couple is far from having been unemployed. They took up many sporting challenges together. But the former candidate of Top chef also offered daily an easy cooking recipe in Daily, the emission of Yann Barthès on TMC. If he has resumed his activity in the kitchen, in particular by delivering at home and that he is preparing for a possible reopening of restaurants in June, Juan Arbelaez took stock of these two months on his Instagram account and took the opportunity to make a magnificent statement to his wife.

“We took the opportunity to love each other”

In legend of a video compiling all their physical exploits, the cook sent a tender message to Laury thilleman. “I watch all these videos with a slight feeling of nostalgia. I am divided between the joy of finding work, my teams, my clients, my partners; at the same time I have a feeling of nostalgia deep inside me, these 2 months were precious to me, it was a time to question myself, to grow, to evolve “, writes the one worried about the reopening of restaurants. “This confinement also confirmed to me that the person with whom I decided to share my life is the right one. In our busy daily life, moments together are difficult to find and these 2 months I see them as a parenthesis in our life but also as a gift. No, it was not easy, yes there were ups and downs, but we also decided to take advantage of this time to grow as much as an individual and a couple “, he continues evoking their sometimes stormy daily life. And he very touchingly concludes this text: “We will not forget this date where billions of people around the world were locked up in their homes, we took the opportunity to love each other”. Words that visibly went straight to the heart of the main interested party who greeted them with a series of hearts.

A statement which also touched the faithful of the couple, who came to imagine that they could hide something else. They especially wanted to thank the lovers for having accompanied them during this difficult period. “You are two very beautiful people. Well done for your good humor. You have brightened up our confinement. I wish you happiness in all areas”, stressed one of them. “This time that you agreed to grant us also was a precious moment! Long live you 2”, noted another.