his message to fight homophobia

his message to fight homophobia

This Sunday, May 17 is the international day of the fight against homophobia. The host posted a photo with his companion, accompanied by a beautiful message.

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Christophe Beaugrand: his message to fight against homophobia

For several years now, the host Christophe Beaugrand has been swimming in complete happiness. Crazy in love with his companion Ghislain Gerin, he married him on July 25, 2018. To seal their love, the couple decided to have a little boy. They were able to welcome their first child on November 9, 2019, a little Valentine. After a long procedure of procreation of GPA in the United States because prohibited in France, the couple is finally found in three. This force brought to him by his family, the animator uses it to tirelessly fight against homophobia. On his social networks, he does not hesitate to share his messages to raise awareness of this cause.

“we send you love”

This Sunday, May 17 has been for several years now, the international day of the fight against homophobia. On this occasion, Christophe Beaugrand, tackled by Cyril Hanouna shared a beautiful photo of his little family on his Twitter account, which he captioned: “Today, world day against homophobia With Valentin and Ghislain, we send you love. Look with your heart, beyond the differences. ” Following this message, he received a wave of support from Internet users, anonymous or famous.

Recently, he confided that he wanted to put aside his career as an animator in The Battle of Couples to take care of his little boy. “With the arrival of my son, I did not see myself leaving at the end of the world to shoot The Battle of the Couples. I will therefore not participate in the next season. No program, as beautiful as it is, can exceed the pleasure that I feel like preparing food for my son, “he told Télé Star.



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