Household employees who are laid off or with less income will be able to request the extraordinary subsidy from tomorrow

Household employees who are laid off or with less income will be able to request the extraordinary subsidy from tomorrow

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Domestic workers registered with Social Security who have been dismissed or whose income has been reduced due to the coronavirus health crisis may request the extraordinary subsidy starting tomorrow, April 5, as stated in the Official Gazette of the State (BOE).

Its publication in the official bulletin took place a month after its approval in the Council of Ministers, on March 31. As the Executive argues, in the face of the pandemic, measures have been adopted “aimed at protecting employment and helping the most vulnerable people, among which is the group of domestic workers”.

Specifically, this extraordinary subsidy “protects the lack of activity, the reduction of hours worked or the termination of the contract as a consequence of COVID-19”. In this way, this benefit is configured “as a suitable instrument to alleviate this situation of lack of protection”.

According to the resolution published in the BOE, beneficiaries of the extraordinary subsidy will be the people who, being registered in the Special System for Home Employees of the General Social Security Regime before the entry into force of the State of Alarm-declared the March 14-, they have stopped providing services, totally or partially, on a temporary basis, in order to reduce the risk of contagion, for reasons beyond their control, in one or more homes due to the health crisis of COVID-19 .

They will also be those who have seen their employment contract terminated due to the dismissal. Both the reduction in income and the dismissal must have occurred after March 14 and during the term of the Alarm State.

Maximum amount set in the SMI

The amount of the extraordinary subsidy for lack of activity will be the result of applying to the regulatory base corresponding to the activity that would have ceased to perform the 70% percentage. Although, the maximum amount to be received will be the monthly amount of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI), set at 950 euros per month.

The benefit is compatible with the maintenance of other activities on their own account or for someone else’s account, unless the sum of the income derived from the subsidy and the rest of the activities is greater than the SMI.

Other causes of incompatibility of the extraordinary allowance for lack of activity is the fact of being a beneficiary of the temporary disability allowance or having enjoyed the recoverable paid leave adopted during the State of Alarm.

To access this aid, it must be requested by submitting the form available at the electronic headquarters (SEPE) duly completed. The request shall be accompanied by the responsible declaration signed by the employer or persons, confirming that the information provided by the worker in the application regarding the employment relationship that binds them is true.

The deadline for submitting the request is from April 5 to one month after the end of the State of alarm, as contemplated in Royal Decree-Law 11/2020, of March 31, which adopts measures urgent complementary in the social and economic field to face COVID-19.

The recognition or denial of the right to the subsidy will be notified within a maximum period of three months from the request and will be received for monthly periods from the date of birth of the right, being paid on the 10th of each month.



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