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On Friday the time has finally come, bars can open again and we can quench our hunger and thirst in our favorite cafes and Co. At Graz restaurants, we asked what it would look like.

On Friday the time has come: bars, restaurants, restaurants and cafés can open again. What a fantastic idea – at least for me – the first coffee from your favorite café! But, many things will not be the same as before the pandemic. The bars may only be reopened under strict conditions. For example, the staff must wear a face mask or a visor, and the distance between guests who do not live in the same household must be at least one meter, and beverages must not be consumed at the bars.

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During the two months that the bars had to keep closed, food and beverages were only sold for collection or delivery, if at all. Ali with everything, the kebab and kebap hotspot in the university district has been open for about two weeks now. As a first conclusion, Ali says that the customers would adhere to the distance rule very fairly. Before the reopening on Friday, the entire restaurant will be completely disinfected again. The same applies to the neighbor SO SO. “The employees are equipped with visors”, says spokeswoman Kati Hiller. In order to comply with the distance rules, there will be fewer seats in the restaurant.

Mouth guards and partitions in the Kunsthaus café

in the Kunsthaus café there will be similar adjustments. “We removed some tables and armchairs”says Michael Schunko. In addition, partitions are set up at a few tables, as well as at the bar. Mouth protection is also mandatory for the employees. Joy arises when Schunko takes a look at the reservation book. “In the open air as well as in the Kunsthaus café we are almost fully booked at the weekend”he tells in conversation with Futter.

Nevertheless, he expects a drop in sales of around 30 percent compared to pre-corona times. “Guests will change their consumer behavior”, says Schunko. There should also be fewer guests, anyway, considering that tables and or armchairs had to be removed in practically every restaurant in order to comply with the distance rules. Just like when guests were standing next to the tables and waited for them to become free, these scenes can no longer exist. The garden in the Kunsthaus café was enlarged a bit, but for familiar reasons this is not possible with a free view of the Kastner & Öhler roof. “We lost almost 40 seats here.”

Floor markings in the Tribeka

It was almost superimposed in the different TribekaBranches in front of Corona, we don’t talk about the queues at all – sweet memories! All of this will change with the reopening on Friday. A maximum of five customers are allowed to queue in the restaurant in Kaiserfeldgasse, the rest have to wait in front of the restaurant. “There are floor markings and a glass pane in front of the counter”, tells Julia talking to feed. There are masks and visors for the employees, inscriptions and information for the guests. “Everything that our guests could always take themselves in the past, i.e. sugar or water glasses, will now be served at the counter.”

Basically for all of us: personal responsibility. For example, if we leaf through magazines: don’t run your fingers in the face, then wash your hands. And always keep enough distance. Stay healthy, babies!

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