How to make an express makeup effect not make up in two minutes to have a good face

How to make an express makeup effect not make up in two minutes to have a good face

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Time is money and more and more celebrities are joining the express makeup trend and the more natural, the better. We are looking for some of the most inspiring looks we’ve seen on Instagram so you dare to try them out and make them yourself. The best? It will take just two minutes to do them and you only need two or three beauty basics.

There are times when we want to look good even without leaving home and we look for the perfect beauty looks to achieve that desired effect good face that also covers our skin. Video calls, online chats … are just one more excuse to come up with the perfect no make-up effect makeup that we can get in a few minutes with a few basics that you can even have on hand. We are inspired by celebrities to find the most flattering natural makeup looks in record time with several great makeup that you can do at home. Don’t miss them.

Among the tricks that always work, perfect the skin with a great moisturizer, a cream blush or powder, a concealer To instantly blur dark circles or pores, a creamy eyeshadow that gives depth to our eyes or a lipstick that provides more hydration and color to our lips to put on a good face in a jiffy.

Kate Bosworth It also teaches us a perfect beach effect makeup or skin kissed by the sun with a couple of products to gradually tone your skin with the help of a brush and some sun powders and a cream blush in the easiest way and in just a few minutes. You just have to put on a moisturizer with soft and respectful sun protection for your skin and put on a touch of blush in pink cream to blush your cheeks and on your eyelids and spread it with the help of your fingers and that this effect melts with your skin. A touch of balm on the eyebrows to comb them up, a touch of creamy pink lipstick and voila!


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