How to make up with a mask?

How to make up with a mask?

© Photo by Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash
How to make up with a mask?

Wearing a mask has become a new everyday habit. But how do you successfully apply makeup while wearing it? We tell you everything!

For protect our health and that of others, we are invited to wear a mask as often as possible. In some places, like public transportation, it is even become mandatory ! And if no one would have thought that the mask would become the new fashion accessory, and that it should be adopted in our daily lives, we had to review our habits, especially in terms of beauty. So how to make up despite wearing a mask? We give you concrete leads thanks to beauty expert Mavala.

Step 1: hydration

It is not because we wear a mask that camouflages half of our face that we should neglect the hydration box. On the contrary ! Wearing a mask may cause irritation, dry patches, and smother the skin. Every morning and every evening, we therefore apply specific treatments, which will come provide deep hydration. Expert tip? Feel free to use Sleeping masks for moisturize your skin more overnight.

Step 2: make-up of the complexion

We can only advise you to zap the application of the foundation. If you still cannot do without it, or want to cover up some imperfections, head to a light texture and liquid, and if possible, waterproof. Indeed, you riskget warm under your mask. And with friction, the material can easily move … Not really the expected effect!

Step 3: bet on the look

As your mask comes hide half of your face, as much bet everything on the eyes ! We therefore forget the lipstick or gloss, which would stick to your mask (rather put a moisturizing balm), and we put the package on the look. Always prefer waterproof or long-lasting textures. For the rest, it’s onlya matter of taste… and colors! Some will prefer to keep a nude make-up, when others will launch into colorful makeup. Up to you !

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