How to make your mother happy despite the crisis

How to make your mother happy despite the crisis

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Even if you can’t be with your mom on Mother’s Day, there are many ways to make her happy.

Exit restrictions and contact bans: There are currently no rosy times for parties or visits. But there is nothing wrong with flowers and warm words on Mother’s Day, even in times of the Corona crisis. We show you how you can make your mother happy during this difficult time.

Birthday parties have been called off, wedding days are celebrated on the couch instead of at the candlelight dinner in sweatpants. Celebrations in times of the corona pandemic tend to be lonely and unspectacular. Will Mother’s Day even be canceled this year? It doesn’t have to go that far.

Mother’s Day despite social distancing – for many this is not new territory. After all, many adults live far from their parents and have to give up a personal hug on Mother’s Day every year, even before the Corona crisis. On this year’s Mother’s Day on May 10th, however, even more people will have to have this experience.

Flowers shouldn’t be missing

Flowers belong to Mother’s Day like hearts to Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, there is a wide range of flower delivery services available to order to ensure that your mother is provided with a colorful bouquet – even if you can’t be there. But you should order in time, the request is big!

If your mother lives in your area, there is of course no reason why you should not buy and deliver the bouquet yourself. Flower shops are now open again, but if you want to avoid shopping in stores, you can pick them yourself, for example. Outside of big cities you will find numerous tulip fields where you can cut the flowers yourself in the fresh air. To avoid possible infection with the Corona virus, however, we recommend that you bring your own knife with you to the picking fields or disinfect the knives thoroughly before and after use.

By the way: Cutting tulips yourself not only brings joy to the recipient:

Send messages with shield and angel

If your mother belongs to the risk group due to her age or previous illness, you should also avoid any contact on Mother’s Day. Sometimes love also includes consideration and renunciation. With this fun campaign, you can show your mother that you are there for her, even if you have to keep your distance: Make a large sign with loving messages and stand in front of your mother’s house. Send her a message to look out of the window. Tears of joy are guaranteed! Alternatively, hand her a greeting card with a fishing rod over the garden fence:

Humor is always a good companion in difficult times. Make your mother smile and give away a roll of toilet paper and a bottle of disinfectant along with flowers and chocolates. Such rarities testify to true love:

A box with home-made treats and small gifts that you put on your mother’s door on Mother’s Day is more beautiful and personal than a pre-packaged Amazon gift. For example, it could look like this:

Mom always knew better

A funny saying for mum via WhatsApp and Co. also creates cheerfulness (long before the trend became a reality): To the person who asked ‘Did you wash your hands?’:

Or you ring the doorbell with this design – it doesn’t protect against infection, but it is always enough for a laugh by far:

Mission to the fathers

And now a note to all fathers of small children: Attention, this year there is no handcrafted gift from kindergarten for Mother’s Day! Together with your offspring, make sure that mom doesn’t go empty-handed. This creative craft idea succeeds without much effort and will surely make many mothers’ eyes shine:


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