imprisoned for months, Princess Basma ben Saoud calls for help

imprisoned for months, Princess Basma ben Saoud calls for help

Princess Basma ben Saoud, niece of King Salman, is imprisoned in a prison in Saudi Arabia.

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Royal family of Saudi Arabia: imprisoned for months, Princess Basma ben Saoud calls for help

In March 2019, Basma ben Saoud, a member of the Saudi royal family, mysteriously disappeared. For a year, no one could hear from him. Princess Basma ben Saoud is known for her involvement in the defense of the rights of women and for the establishment of a constitutional monarchy. Last month, a letter was shared on his Twitter account. It said: “I am currently being arbitrarily detained in Al-Hair Prison without [avoir commis] of crimes or other facts “, before adding“I was thrown in prison after being abducted without explanation with one of my daughters (Souhoud al-Charif, editor’s note). “

The granddaughter of King Abdelaziz, the founder of Saudi Arabia, talks about his “very critical” state of health and she called on her uncle, King Salman, as well as her cousin, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to revise her case and release it. The princess fears for her health in Al-Hair High Security Prison, where she is held. A few hours later, the letter was deleted from the Twitter account. Two sources close to the princess’s family, interviewed by AFP, said the Twitter account had been briefly hacked by someone in Saudi Arabia. “Since then, there has been no sign of the princess or Souhoud”one of the sources said.

Princess Basma ben Saoud suffers from heart and respiratory problems. While traveling to Switzerland for treatment, she was abducted with her daughter by people posing as relatives of the king. Since then, she has been incarcerated. Divorced and a mother of five, Basma was widely criticized for speaking out against abuse in her country. She is also at the heart of a family dispute over a fortune belonging to King Saud, frozen by the state. His family fears for his life, they have also launched a new appeal to request his release during this period of Ramadan … Unanswered.

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