In El Calafate they assure that the tourist activity will return in November

El Calafate will allow the entry of residents and the departure of tourists

The Bariloche-El Calafate route will be maintained throughout the year. (REUTERS / Agustin Marcarian)

The Secretary of Tourism of El CalafateOscar Souto estimated that as a result of the pandemic of the coronavirus tourist activity will return to that town of Santa Cruz “in mid-November” and considered that from January they will “start receiving tourists from all over the country”.

Souto assured in radio statements that “Tourists are going to take a while to get rid of the ghost of COVID-19”, although he clarified that when that happens they will have “a major rebound in the activity”.

He remembered that that city depends on the arrival of flights to attract visitors, something that It will only be possible until next September 1st, and said that for that reason they aim “to attract the local public”.

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The Secretary of Tourism of El Calafate estimated that the tourist activity will return to that Santa Cruz town “in mid-November”. (AFP PHOTO / Walter Diaz)

“The most important emitting destinations, such as Brazil, United States and Europeare happening critical moments, and for that reason, although we are going to direct the promotions to the whole world, we will put emphasis on local tourism“he added.

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The official stressed to FM Dimension that to attract tourists to El Calafate “protocols must be ensured that guarantee safety and hygiene” In this sense, he recalled: “We are already working together with the local Mixed Tourism Entity, the Association of Tourism Hotels and the Federation of Hotel and Gastronomic Entities for its creation.”

“We have to convert to El Calafate in a distinctively safe destination and also that this message reaches tourists from all over the world, “he said.

nullThe city of Santa Cruz, whose main attraction is the Perito Moreno glacier, had an average hotel occupancy of over 60% in 2019 of its 8,500 seats, with peaks of 80% in the summer, 12% more than in 2018.

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