In the province they interviewed almost 20 thousand residents of popular neighborhoods to detect possible cases

In the province they interviewed almost 20 thousand residents of popular neighborhoods to detect possible cases

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The province of Buenos Aires interviewed 19,141 people in a week in vulnerable suburbs and diagnosed 52 suspected cases of Covid-19. Of that total 8 turned out to be positive cases, 35 negative and 9 await the swab result.

The data comes from house-to-house operation that the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires developed from last Monday 18 to Friday 22 May in popular neighborhoods of the municipalities of San Martin, Merlo, La Matanza, Quilmes, Morón, Florencio Varela and La Plata in articulation with the national government and each one of the municipalities.

Specifically, in San Martin 11,503 people were visited in 3,595 houses in the neighborhoods Villa Hidalgo, La Rana, La Carcova and Villa Lanzone from that locality that resulted in 8 positive cases of 31 COVID-19 suspects, while 5 await the results of the swabs.

In Merlo 2344 people were interviewed whose results yielded 3 suspected cases of Coronavirus, but no positive. Meanwhile, in La Matanza, 626 houses in the Godoy Cruz and Altos de Celina neighborhoods were visited, visiting 2,692 people and finding 2 suspected cases that after the PCR test concluded that they were not infected with COVID-19.

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In Quilmes, 107 houses were visited, where 323 people live, where there were 13 suspected cases, of which 11 have already been discarded and 2 await the result of the swab that will determine if they contracted coronavirus. Another of the territorial operations carried out this week was carried out in the Ibañez de Morón neighborhood, where the health promoters visited 1288 people where there was 1 suspected case, which was later dismissed due to the laboratory result. In La Plata, 106 houses with 369 people were surveyed, but no suspected cases of coronavirus were found. Another of the districts where the active search for suspected coronavirus cases was carried out was Florencio Varela where 193 houses were visited to interview 622 people where 2 suspected cases of COVID-19 were found and are still awaiting the result of the PCR test.

Based on the new joint plan between the National Government, the Province of Buenos Aires and local authorities, operations continue to detect suspected cases of Coronavirus in each municipality of the Province. The specific objective is early detection of symptoms to attack outbreaks of possible contagion in popular neighborhoods with community circulation to prevent outbreaks.

The visit to each district is planned according to information from the Provincial Public Registry of Precarious Villages and Settlements, the National Register of Popular Neighborhoods (RENABAP) and the distribution of coronavirus cases in the province of Buenos Aires.

In each dwelling, body temperature is taken and a questionnaire is also done to identify if the person has symptoms compatible with the definition of a suspected case or if it is some other disease.

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All this collected information is also used in the computer system for real-time monitoring of the evolution of COVID 19 cases in towns and settlements. It is a control panel launched by the Government of the Province in which the almost 2 thousand Buenos Aires popular neighborhoods where 423 thousand families live.

“It is a strategic device for testing in relation to care and case detection to do something more intensified house by house. Testing the neighborhood to find out who has symptoms so that they can take care of them as quickly as possible and make early isolation to minimize transmission and thus intervene as quickly as possible in any possible focus to minimize transmission. There were three suspicious cases that are being evaluated for testing, “said the Secretary of Access to Health of the Ministry of Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzotti, in one of the tours of the week in the town of San Martín, together with the provincial vice minister of health Nicolas Kreplak, the Director of Community Health of the Province of Buenos Aires Noelia López and the mayor Fernando Moreira.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister Kreplak explained that “this indispensable work is carried out by local systems, mayors with their health teams and we contribute part of the system and the accompaniment because all together we make the health system of the Province. The use of the chinstrap, social distancing, hand washing, staying at home. We do not only say it from the media, but also from the House to House when we look for symptoms and other problems where the state has to take charge and solve them ”

Along the same lines, in the City, the Buenosairean Justice ordered to carry out massive tests in the four public mental health hospitals of the City and also requested that the results and the number of patients and professionals who would have been infected by Covid be reported. 19.

In the last hours, the head of the Administrative and Tax Litigation Court No. 12, Alejandra Petrella, also ordered the Buenos Aires Government to report on the measures that “would have been taken to prevent and / or mitigate the infections” in the Borda, Moyano, Alvear and Tobar García hospitals.

The judge’s measures were taken after the presentation made by the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS) against the Buenosairean government.


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