Is the party over? Clubs as “hotspots” for the corona virus

Is the party over? Clubs as

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ARCHIVE – 04/08/2020, Berlin: A disco ball rotates in a club and reflects the incident light from the headlights and lamps. Clubs, discotheques, bars – they all face the abyss in the Corona crisis. The prospects of opening soon are slim. (to dpa “The party is over: clubs as hotspots for the corona virus”) Photo: Britta Pedersen / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Basses wave across the dance floor, it is loud, stuffy, tight. Hundreds of sweaty people fidget through the night and … wait. Is there something stirring in the newly learned distance awareness?

Such scenes became difficult to imagine in the Corona crisis. While there are easements in many places, clubs, discotheques and bars continue to see a bleak future. Your problem: The virus has it particularly easy here.

Example Berlin: 42 of the first 263 confirmed cases were due to club visits. Pamela Schobeß from the board of the Club commission – the Association of Berlin Club Organizers – already predicted at the beginning of the corona crisis: “We were the first to close and will probably be the last to open again.”

An opinion that the virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit vom Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine (BNITM) Splits. In clubs, bars and discos in particular, the corona virus finds perfect conditions for rapid spread, he says. It’s tight, you sweat, yell at each other’s ears: “This is exactly the scenario in which there have already been massive infections in other countries. These are the virus hotspots – especially for the corona virus. “

Poor ventilation is the problem

In addition, the mostly poor ventilation of the rooms made it even easier for the virus. “You cannot provide ventilation there, you may only have systems that circulate or blow a little. But actually, these are small, narrow spaces. ”That is the best condition that he can imagine for a respiratory-transmissible pathogen. “So the worst condition for humans. Overall, the situation is just ideal for getting infected there. ”

Funeral service in the middle of the neighborhood: It is the cry for help from the bar and club operators in St. Pauli, they fear for their existence. The industry is badly hit by the Corona crisis. Source: WORLD

Funeral service in the middle of the neighborhood: It is the cry for help from the bar and club operators in St. Pauli, they fear for their existence. The industry is badly hit by the Corona crisis. Source: WORLD

In early May, people in South Korea discovered how ideal the dance floor is for the virus. In the capital, Seoul, a 29-year-old Corona sufferer had traveled through several well-attended clubs and bars in the Itaewon nightlife district.

A cluster infection occurred: almost 200 cases of infection were linked to the outbreak, and more than 65,000 people had to be tested. In South Korea – where the situation had actually relaxed – the fear of the virus was back.

The authorities assumed that there were several “index cases in this Itaewon cluster,” said Kim Dong Hyun of the Korean Epidemiology Society. “And the 29-year-old is definitely one of them.” Index patients usually refer to people from whom an outbreak begins. “That means there are certainly still undiscovered, silent cases.”

Is the dance floor in the open air the solution?

Little chance of distance, difficult ventilation conditions and the constant fear of the next big outbreak: is the party in the clubs finally over? The most sensible thing would be to let only five guests into a club for an otherwise 100 visitors, says virologist Schmidt-Chanasit. “But nobody wants that and it doesn’t make sense either.”

He assumes that dancing like before the corona pandemic will only be possible again in many months. “Only when we have a vaccine or the pandemic is over and immunity has increased in the population.”

In the meantime, the scene in Berlin is fighting for survival. The streaming format #UnitedWeStream brings in donations, other alternatives are being worked on. The club commission wants to dance outside with a view to the approaching summer. Open spaces are to be temporarily open until midnight, the music is to be turned off two hours earlier. For Pamela Schobeß, who runs the “Gretchen” club herself, the question of whether there are all of us if we are allowed to open again arises when looking at the tight financial ceiling.

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