is the restaurant in Charente still open?

is the restaurant in Charente still open?

This Tuesday, May 5, viewers will be able to follow a replay of an episode of “Nightmare in the Kitchen”. While Philippe Etchebest will do everything to save the establishment from bankruptcy, Non Stop People invites you to discover if the restaurant in Charente is still open today.

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Nightmare in the kitchen: is the restaurant in Charente always open?

In June 2019, Philippe Etchebest came to the aid of a couple of restaurateurs, Christian and Isabelle, in difficulty in Roumazières-Loubert, a town located in Charente. The owners of “La Table de Rouge Masures” called on Philippe Etchebest when their turnover fell by 60%. And if the chef usually has to deal with rather specific situations, Philippe Etchebest has had a unique experience in this restaurant. During his first observation round, the chef found nothing to complain about, either on the quality of the cuisine, or on the service and hospitality. It was only after using a hidden camera that Philippe Etchebest discovered the whole truth about the establishment “La Table de rouge masures”. Was that enough in the restaurant to stay open today?

End of crisis for the restaurant?

During the episode, Philippe Etchebest learned that it was the yellow vests crisis that led to the restaurant’s downfall. The strategic location of the establishment and the mobilization of yellow vests at the roundabout made services impossible. Faced with this problem, the couple of restaurateurs chained disputes. It was finally thanks to the help of Philippe Etchebest that Christian and Isabelle managed to go up the slope. After a few days of carrying out communication work with the couple, the chef will finally have succeeded in his mission since today the establishment is still open. With the crisis of yellow vests that has subsided in recent months, the restaurant is doing wonderfully. The episode can be found this Tuesday, May 5 from 9:05 p.m. on M6.


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