Italy will recruit 60,000 volunteers to avoid crowds

Italy will recruit 60,000 volunteers to avoid crowds

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Hundreds of people in a square in Rome, this past Sunday

The Italian government recruiting will begin this week 60,000 volunteers to monitor compliance with security measures in this “phase 2”, in which the country gradually returns to normal and crowds have been registered in the leisure areas of several cities.

Civil Protection will be responsible for incorporating these “civic assistants” among the unemployed and recipients of the minimum income and other social aids, who will be responsible for informing those who do not respect physical distance, according to a note from the Ministry of Affairs Regional.

“Civic assistants” to inform people who do not respect the minimum physical distance

The measure comes after the outrage unleashed in Italy this weekend by the scenes of crowds of young people partying without respecting the security measures required to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. This Friday and Saturday, the first weekend of mistrust in Italy, many young people crowded without a mask in the entertainment districts of different cities, such as in Trastevere in Rome or on the seafront in Naples (south).

Mayors and politicians asked citizens to be held accountable and warned of a possible outbreak of the virus: in Perugia (center), the City Council ordered the premises of the historic center to be closed at night and the tourist city of Rimini plans to do so if they return to give these scenes.

The Minister of Regional Affairs, Francesco Boccia, assured today in an interview with The Stampa that the volunteers will wear a Civil Protection badge, they will work 16 hours a week and “they will take action in the middle of June”, to stay later all summer.

In order to act, the “civic assistants” will have “The force of persuasion, reason and their smiles”, Boccia affirmed, and in the case of encountering violent resistance, they should call the Municipal Police of each city. In addition to these tasks, volunteers will be at the disposal of the municipalities to “support the weakest part of the population” with actions such as taking the purchase home to the elderly or sick.

Mayors and politicians hold citizens accountable and warn of a possible outbreak

The minister, promoter of the initiative together with the Italian Association of City Councils (ANCI), pointed out that those who do not respect the distancing measures are “a minority” but warned that “they betray the sacrifices made by millions of Italians”.

The president of the Veneto region (northwest), Luca Zaia, He shared a viral video on social networks, in which he warned that “it is not enough for everything to stop again”, combining images of party people with others from hospitals. “The virus is fought in the hospital, but above all outside”, is the message of caution sent to young people who go back to drinking after almost three months without being able to do so.


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