It’s so easy to see through your counterpart immediately

It's so easy to see through your counterpart immediately

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It’s that easy to really get to know your counterpart

The results of a scientific study tell us how we can see straight through with a very simple question.No matter whether we have just met someone or have known someone for a long time. Sometimes we ask ourselves what is going on in our counterpart and how this person really is.

Science gives us helpful insights that we can use to easily find out how our counterpart ticks. Dr. Dustin Wood from Wake Forest University in the United States did several studies. His results were published in 2010 in “Journal of Personality and Social Psychology“It reads the simple question with which we can see through our counterpart at any time.

This simple question makes it possible

The findings of Dr. Dustin Wood suggests something we have long suspected ourselves. Whatever we say says more about ourselves than about who we are talking about. That is, if we suspect cunning and calculating behavior in our counterpart, it is we who tick that way.

For the study, the test subjects had to describe their acquaintances. The result was that those who described their social environment positively also had more positive characteristics. And the same applies to the negative qualities: “The mere tendency to see others in a negative light indicates a higher probability of being depressed or having other personality disorders”, says Wood.

If you want to know from your counterpart whether he or she is reliable, just ask him or her: “Do you also have the feeling that more and more people are becoming unreliable?” Approval suggests that he or she is unreliable himself. If you answer “No”, you can be sure of the reliability of this person.

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